Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Outline for 10/27

Our planning today was a bit gruesome, but we did get a clearer picture of where the story is headed. Our murderer has been named: Edmund Carlton. Edmund is an elderly gentleman who was, in essence, exiled from the town as a child after committing an unintentional murder (I think of a the lake). There will be more on this next time, but the important part is that he has a grudge on the entire town, which accounts for the seemingly unconnected murders.
On the chopping block this week is Addie's character Finn, who, as you all remember, is Ophelia's boyfriend and the pastry chef at Baker's Dozen. Here's where the icky part comes in (and the part that's going to get us all involuntarily shipped off for extensive therapy): he is baked in the oven. He's stabbed first, though, so it's not quite as awful as being cooked alive... Anyway, because both of Ophelia's boyfriends (yes, it's complicated) have been killed, suspicion falls on her.
That's all we have for now! Happy writing!
Then again, that may not be the best phrase to use for this story, but hey, we can be happy fictional serial killers.

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