Sunday, October 10, 2010

Outlines for 10/6/10, 10/13/10, and 10/20/10

Last Tuesday, we decided to plan two new sections rather than one, since our next meeting is Wednesday, October 27th. Here is the result of an hour's worth of gory brainstorming!

1. At the Fall Festival on Saturday night:
  • Farmer Harris's cow, Bessie, is found slaughtered in the wooden sculpture used for the bonfire after the cover goes up in flames (she has replaced a scarecrow)
  • The fireworks on the sculpture have been redirected to shoot at the crowd
  • Some people are hurt, but none are killed
  • One firework is positioned to land near the note left by the murderer, where it is found by Katherine's character. The rough sketch we planned for the letter reads, "Enjoy the fire. Stop to smell the roses. It won't last long."
2. The next day:
  • Addie's character, Ophelia, receives a note from Eli, her former friend, telling her to meet him at the barn next to where the bonfire was held, which belongs to Farmer Harris (the message is actually sent by the murderer)
  • Eli has been hanged in the barn with a bouquet of roses at his feet. Ophelia discovers his body.

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